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Pim Donkersloot

Co-founder of ChildCenter

Drs P. (Pim) Donkersloot is the parent of two children on the autistic spectrum and is the author of a book about his family - “Autisme, een probleem voor het hele gezin” (1990).

Drs Pim Donkersloot
Drs Pim Donkersloot

He trained as a Developmental Psychologist at the University of Amsterdam and now works as a Floortime Specialist in his practice, in Amsterdam - (Brouwersgracht 184c, 1013 HC Amsterdam (020) 623 6177, email: childcenter at - which offers a multidisciplinary service according to the DIR®/Floortime approach outlined by Prof Stanley Greenspan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioural Sciences and Paediatrics at George Washington University Medical School, USA.

Drs Donkersloot has been trained by Prof Greenspan and has recently translated and revised (together with three colleagues) Prof Greenspan’s book “The Child with Special Needs” into Dutch.

If you would like to know more about the Greenspan’s Floortime Treatment, please consult the websites listed in the right panel under Autism.

Drs Pim Donkersloot meets the author Temple Grandin
Drs Pim Donkersloot meets Temple Grandin,
the famous author of
Thinking in Pictures, and Emergence: Labeled Autistic)