ChildCenter for autistic children



the ChildCenter Foundation

The ChildCenter is a non-profit foundation which provides treatment and support to children on the autistic spectrum. Based in Amsterdam, the ChildCenter relies on a team of experts from a variety of disciplines (a.o. educational psychology, ergotherapy, speech and language therapy, sensory integration and physical therapy, play therapy, clinical psychology, music therapy) whose treatment approach is based on a method developed by Stanley Greenspan, an American child psychiatrist.

Central to this approach is the idea that emotions form the basis of learniing, whereby intentional contact and communication - so difficult for autistic children - can only exist if emotion and intention are combined with behavior and language in a meaningful, playful, natural manner.

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The ChildCenter's treatment programs include an essential role for parents, who contribute their unique expertise and experience based on daily interaction with their child . Recognizing that no two children are identical,and that this holds true for children on the autistic spectrum as well,  the ChildCenter develops programs carefully tailored to the needs of the individual child with autism. The approach is based on individual, contact-based positive interaction with the child (via 'floortime') and intensive cooperation between parents and therapists.

The ChildCenter helps children on the autistic spectrum and their parents by providing:

The ChildCenter works with the children (and their parents) at their own home, as well as at private practices of the different professionals.