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for parents of children with autism

Being listened to - a patient and understanding ear - is what many parents of autistic children yearn for. Parenting a child in the autistic spectrum can be a challenging and confusing task.

We are here to help. To listen to you with understanding. Our staff and volunteers, with extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with autistic children, know what you're going through.


Founding members of ChildCenter


we're here to counsel

We don't stop there.Listening to you is merely the first step in a process. You're not alone and many parents have threaded the difficult path you're walking right now, with ups and downs, just like you!

They have not kept the things they learned to themselves. Many were and still are more than willing to share their experiences, challenges and joys with you.

"You are not on your own," is perhaps the most comforting message we can give you today, by means of this website. So welcome! Read our stories. Read our books. Ask us questions. We're here to listen you; we're here to counsel; and we're here to help you along the road to discovering effective and rewarding ways of helping your child address and overcome their challenges in relating and communicating.

Who's talking?

the team

The ChildCenter Foundation is an organization/partnership with different therapists and therapeutic styles in and outside of the team. The treatment and supervision focuses on (young) children diagnosed within the autism spectrum, and their parents.

The core of the ChildCenter was founded by Drs. Pim Donkersloot, an educator, specialized in autism and related disorders, and Marius de Vos, a licensed teacher and play specialist. Both are parents of children on the autistic spectrum.

The two founders received intensive training, and over many years, under the supervision of Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, who are the authors of The Child with Special Needs, known world-wide for their Floortime approach.